Have you ever wanted to escape and spend the night away in a lighthouse? You can do that here in Upstate New York.

Lighthouses are more than just lights used to warn sailors of shallow waters and rocky shorelines. Here in New York, we treat them as landmarks with amazing pasts, towers with stunning scenery, and some are even places you can spend the night. New York State happens to have a unique collection of historic lighthouses. You’ll find lighthouses along the ocean, lakes, in the middle of rivers, and in state parks. I Love NY has a really cool list of 15 to check out across the State you can read online. However, we wanted to highlight one near Salmon River on AirBnB.

Built in 1838, the Selkirk Lighthouse still guards the Salmon River harbor right at Lake Ontario. Today, its beacon shines brightly for fishing charters and guests that are enjoying a special stay in this historic structure.

The Salmon River Lighthouse is one of only very few remaining in existence that has a "bird cage" lantern design and is also unique in that the lighthouse beacon sits atop the main living quarters.

This Lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Salmon River, where Steelhead, Brown Trout, King (Chinook), Coho and lake-run Atlantic Salmon run, with fishing charters running from the docks directly in front of the Lighthouse. Stunning sunsets, a beautiful sandy beach directly across the river, and many area activities are available.

For this AirBnB, children and extended family members are welcome. No pets are permitted in the Lighthouse though.

Take a virtual tour now:

You Can Escape And Spend The Night In This Classic Upstate New York Lighthouse

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