Are you getting tired of the same old office grind? You aren't the only one as remote working has been catching on like wildfire.

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Who wouldn't want to switch things up and work from a totally different city? 87% of workers in the United States say they have the freedom to work remotely at least once a week.

Our friends at Betway have just released some research on the best cities in North America for a workcation. They looked at things like the average highest temperature (hello, sunshine!), the number of bars and cafés (gotta get your caffeine fix), the monthly rental cost (because we're not all millionaires).

They even took into account the distance to the nearest national park. So, who made the cut for the ultimate workcation hotspots? Well, these are the top five best cities to visit if you need a break but still have to get some work done.

New York

The Empire State has 1,186 cafes to choose from. That's right, you'll never run out of spots to set up your laptop. Oh, and don't forget your jacket, 'cause the average highest temperature is a cool 63°F.

Quebec City

If you're on a tight budget, Quebec City is your go-to destination. With an average monthly rental of $1,920, you can save some serious cash. And if you need to connect with the virtual world, there are 1,729 free WiFi hotspots to keep you linked up and linked in..

Los Angeles

We all know Sin City is famous for its palm trees and movie stars, but did you know it has an average high temperature of 75°F? Perfect weather for soaking up some sun while you tackle your workload.


If your a Internet speed addict, then Toronto is for you. Hollywood North has an incredible WiFi median speed of 111.87 Mbps. With 471 bars and cafés to choose from, there's always a new spot to get inspired.


Monthly rentals ($2,880), snacks like bagels and poutine, and a happening cultural scene, it's no wonder Montreal made the list. The city has a unique work vibe while exploring all it has to offer.

This is only a few of the cities that you may want to check out while working remotely. There's plenty more where that came from so check out the full list on Betway's website here.

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