Last year, I rented a car while on vacation in Florida and was surprised when I went to pick up my car– the rental company told me that I had to pay them, up front, a large chunk of money to cover any possible tolls I might drive through.

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Even though I knew I wouldn't be traveling on any toll roads and told them as much, the rental company informed me that I had no other option. But – had I considered tolls and possible toll fees imposed by the rental company, I may have considered bringing my  E-ZPass with me.

When it comes to renting a car, many New Yorkers wonder whether or not their New York E-ZPass can be used. The good news is that in most cases, it can.

Avoiding Extra Costs

Renting a car often comes with additional fees, including toll transponder rental fees, daily service fees, or higher toll rates. However, by using your own E-ZPass from New York, you can avoid some extra costs.

Get Familiar With Your E-ZPass

You should make sure you are familiarized with your own E-ZPass setup, including account management, replenishment, and tracking, which can offer you added convenience while traveling in a rental car. The nice thing is that you won't need to reconfigure or learn a new toll pass system.

Having your own E-ZPass also eliminates the need to wait in toll lines or search for cash payment options which will save you time, especially during peak traffic hours or busy travel periods.

Make Sure Your E-ZPass Is Rental Car Compatible

Before using your New York EZ Pass in a rental car, check if it's compatible with your rental car company. Generally, most rental cars are equipped with a standard mounting strip or a designated area for attaching toll transponders.

Ensure Proper E-ZPass Installation in Your Rental Car

Install your EZ Pass transponder on the rental car's windshield in the designated area. Ensure it is securely attached and will not obstruct your view while driving. It is recommended to follow the rental car company's guidelines for mounting the toll transponder.

Make Sure Your E-ZPass Has Sufficient Funds

Make sure your EZ Pass account has sufficient funds to cover tolls during your rental period. Remember to update your account information if you have changed your payment details.

Remember to Remove Your E-ZPass When Returning Your Rental

When returning the rental car, remove the EZ Pass transponder from the windshield and reset it to your personal vehicle settings if necessary. Make sure that the rental car's toll pass functionality is deactivated as well.

Check E-ZPass Compatability With Your Rental Company

Keep in mind that while using your New York E-ZPass in a rental car is generally possible, there may be exceptions or instances where it is not allowed. Some rental car companies have their own toll pass systems that they prefer customers to use. It's always a good idea to check with the rental car company beforehand to understand their policies, potential fees, and any alternative options they might offer.

WARNING: Do Not Add Your Rental Car Info to Your E-ZPass Account

E-ZPass New York warns that you should not add rental car information to your E-ZPass account. However, you can use your E-ZPass Tag in any vehicle belonging to the same class. It's crucial to mount your E-ZPass Tag properly following the installation instructions in every vehicle where you use the Tag because mounting it improperly can lead to the Tag not being read in the toll lane. If your Tag can't be read, you'll be subject to the terms outlined in your car rental agreement regarding E-ZPass usage, toll transactions, and violation transactions.

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