New data analyzed by a personal injury law firm is informing New Yorkers of which vehicles have been identified as having the highest fatality rates for drivers and passengers in the United States.

The findings were gathered from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash data and highlight the risks associated with certain vehicles as well as emphasize the importance of car safety, particularly during winter months.

Deadliest Vehicles on U.S. Roads

According to the analysis, the Chevrolet Impala has been identified as the deadliest vehicle, with 1.84 percent of injuries resulting from crashes involving this car model proving fatal. This fatality rate is 142 percent higher than the average rate across all analyzed models. Additionally, the Impala received a poor rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for its headlights.

The Ford Escape was named the second-deadliest model, as 1.55 percent of crash injuries resulted in fatalities, which is more than double the average rate. The latest Escape model received a marginal rating for side-impact crashworthiness, suggesting increased vulnerability in collisions.

Other notable vehicles with high fatality rates include the GMC Sierra, Honda Accord, and Chevrolet Tahoe.

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Vehicle Manufacturers with the Highest Fatality Rates

While analyzing car models is informative, the study also looked at manufacturers to identify which are producing the most dangerous models on average. Cadillac was named the deadliest manufacturer, with 1.61 percent of injuries from crashes involving their vehicles resulting in fatalities. Drivers concerned about their safety may consider purchasing a vehicle from Lexus, which reported a significantly lower fatal injury rate of 0.34 percent, 79 percent lower than Cadillac.

Common Highway Safety Concerns

The study also examined NHTSA recall data to identify potential highway safety problem areas. It found that airbags were the most common concern, followed by tires, electrical systems, and fuel systems. Adequate airbag functionality is crucial in reducing injury severity and lowering the risk of death during a crash.

Winter Driving and Vehicle Safety

As winter approaches, New Yorkers should take time to prioritize checking the safety of their vehicles. Winter conditions often lead to an increase in car accidents due to factors such as harsh weather, decreased daylight, and more traffic congestion. This time of year may also involve longer commutes and visits to loved ones, placing additional stress on vehicles and highlighting the need for engine, battery, and brake safety.

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