Broome County resident Richard Scott, a World War II veteran, is approaching a momentous occasion in his life as he prepares to turn 100 years old on February 2, 2024.

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In honor of this incredible milestone and Mr. Scott's dedicated service to the United States, his family is reaching out to the entire United States, inviting people from all corners of the nation to help celebrate by sending birthday cards.

Mr. Scott is a proud man who deeply loves his country, family, and music. At almost 100 years old, he is known for his remarkable talent with the harmonica, always ready to play a tune that captivates those within earshot.

As his family looks forward to commemorating his exceptional life and achievements, they are hoping to make this birthday an extraordinary one. And nothing would bring greater joy to Mr. Scott than receiving 100 birthday cards from across the nation.

If you would like to participate in honoring Mr. Scott and making his birthday truly remarkable, you can send a birthday card to the following address: 304 Brookcrest Drive, Endwell, New York 13760. Your heartfelt words and good wishes will contribute to an unforgettable gift for a remarkable veteran who honorably served his country.

On February 3, the day following Mr. Scott's centennial birthday, his family will host a special birthday party. As part of the celebration, the lovingly sent birthday cards will be presented to Mr. Scott. For anyone who has served in the military, the experience of receiving mail while away from home holds immense significance and serves as a morale booster. By participating in this heartfelt effort, you have the chance to be a part of Mr. Scott's very own birthday mail call, which will undoubtedly touch his heart.

The Scott family is excited to make this milestone birthday an unforgettable one for Mr. Scott, and they extend their deepest gratitude to everyone who participates in this celebration. They hope that this gesture of affection from across the country will bring a smile to his face and a sense of joy to his heart.

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