Add this one to the file labeled, “What in the World?” A company is charging people hundreds of dollars for a digital shirt. Not a real shirt. A digital one. And people are paying up.

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You’re probably scratching your head just as I was when I stumbled on this nugget of information and even though I've researched the subject, I’m still scratching my head.

A company named Tribute Brand has just introduced the world to a SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLAR shirt called the "Zezyon its website, which it tout is the “platform for contactless fashion.” Um. What?

The Zezy isn't even a real shirt. It's not a tangible piece of clothing that a person can hold in their hands. (Or maybe not hold IN their hands because...SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS). No, the Zezy and each other article of clothing posted on the Tribute Brand website is digital. Digital. Let that soak in. This is what our world has come to. Starving babies, sick people fighting for their lives and we are now selling SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLAR digital articles of clothing.

The way the digital clothing works is that a buyer scrolls through the gallery of available clothing, pays the company for a shirt, pants, whatever, send them a photo, and the company Photoshops the purchased article of clothing onto the buyer's body.

Can you even wrap your head around this? Neither can I. Don't believe that this is real (don't feel bad, I didn't at first either), check out some photos of actual people "wearing" the digital clothes they bought.

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