The word "trend" has taken on a different meaning through the years. Today when you say that word, you are talking about what's trending on Twitter, what's trending on Tiktok, what's trending on Google.

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Trends move much faster now because of social media but back in the day, a trend could last for years. Remember for most of the 80s, when big hair bands would rock and the girls would have their hair sprayed to the max. It looked awesome until it didn't.

So how do you know when a trend could be on the way out? Cosmopolitan has come to the rescue and here are the signs to look for.

Eric Nopanen
Eric Nopanen

A Trend Is On It's Way Out When:

It's in kid's stores: The children are our future but their clothes are a season or two behind. They still look cute as the dickens though.

Your mom starts to notice it's a thing. Some mothers "get it" but most aren't paying attention to what the influencers are wearing. So if your matriarch has caught on to the trend, it might not be around very much longer.

Celebrities Start Wearing The Opposite Thing. If you are thinking about buying teeny-tiny sunglasses but notice that famous people are now wearing giant face shields, you might want to leave those little frames in the display case.

There's an Instagram or Twitter account dedicated to it. A trend with an "@" is heading toward peak market saturation. Get in on it very quickly or you could be left trending behind.

It's turned into a Halloween costume. When this happens, people are ready to r-o-a-s-t the look instead of taking it seriously.

So how can you tell if a trend is on its way out?

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