Did you hear the story about the bride who hired a photographer to take photos of her future husband's bachelor party?

No- this isn't the setup for a bad joke, it legitimately happened.

My husband and I both stumbled on this story and surprisingly, we both agreed that the decision to have a professional photographer at the bachelor party either means the bride and groom have indispensable money, or there's a lack of trust going on.

According to Brobile, The story goes that a guy and 20 of his buddies decided to throw the most epic of bachelor parties, but what set this bachelor party a part from all others is that the guy's bride-to-be actually hired a professional photographer to take photos of all the antics and every single thing that happened at the party.

According to the bride-to-be, her man "loves a photo-op." I get that. And I also get that the groom-to-be probably figured it'd be easier to go along with the wishes of his finance and allow a photographer, but if you look at the photos, it doesn't look like the guys had casual fun- it kind of looks like the fun was forced.

Some could argue that the guy clearly didn't have anything to hide (as he shouldn't) and that's why he was okay with having a professional photographer, but is this going to be the new trend in weddings? Are we going to start seeing brides and grooms pay for professional photography at their bridal showers and bachelor parties? I say save the money for something else- like putting toward your honeymoon, and have your buddies use their phones to take photos for free.

[via Brobible]

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