I feel like the more people I quiz about what they've done during the pandemic the more I hear about how many people have been making various upgrades to their homes. I thought it was just me.

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With all of the time that I've been spending inside my four walls, I've noticed more than ever how drab some of my furniture and accessories were looking and I've spent the last year refurbishing, sprucing up, and replacing ratty old things and it seems that floods of other people are doing the same.

Google Shopping Trends Revealed

Using a list of 45 different popular decor items available, Workshopedia searched Google Shopping trends over the last year to find out what home decor items were most searched in each state, meaning which home decor item each state is buying the most.

New York's Most Searched For Home Decor Item

In New York, the number one home decor item we've been snatching up is...rugs. Big rugs, little rugs, fluffy rugs, and not so fluffy rugs. New York is all about rugs right now.

Pennsylvania's Most Searched For Home Decor Item

If you live in Pennsylvania, there's an excellent chance that you or a neighbor or friend has looked up floor mirrors in the last year because that's the number one Google searched home decor items in the entire state.

If you've been mulling around the idea of buying a new rug or floor mirror but are feeling a bit indecisive, I get it because I go through the same. I want to help though and so I've put together a list of the highest-rated rugs and mirrors on Amazon, hoping this will help you with your decision.

Get Your Hands on New York and Pennsylvania's Most Sought After Home Décor Items

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