Baseball season is almost upon us. The air is a little crisp and the smell of peanuts and hot dogs is just around the corner. Those baseball summer nights are something we all look forward too.

Jay has your 5-pack of tickets to the Binghamton Rumble Ponies home opener on April 5th versus the Portland Sea Dogs.

Monday through Thursday Jay has your shot to score the hottest tickets in the game.

He'll be playing "Minor League or Made Up." Listen to 98.1 The Hawk, and when Jay tells you to between 3-7pm, be the first one to call 720-9801 and you'll play the game.

Jay will give you two names, one will be a real minor league baseball team and the other will be a made up team. Correctly guess which one is which and you are going to see the Ponies on April 5th!

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