When I was growing up, I loved my family but I was looking forward to living on my own. I used to think about what it would be like and how my place would look. When I was out on my own, it looked nothing like I thought it would but I enjoyed it anyway.

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It was that way with many of my friends as well but things seem to be different now. I currently have two grown kids at my place and I don't see them leaving anytime soon. I'm not saying that it's a good or bad thing...I'm just saying.

It turns that it's not just me that it's happening too. A study was done by Porch and found that the household size is increasing for the first time in over a hundred years as more Americans are living with roommates.

Households" are defined as having one or more adults in addition to the head of household and spouse. Here's the thing over 75% of "doubled-up" households are comprised of family members only.

The study also looked at the increasing household size and where it's growing the most. Hawaii and California residents are most likely to have roommates/adult children with New York coming in third.

In New York, nearly 40% of adults live in double-up households but how does that compare to Binghamton? Surprisingly, it is less in Broome County, as Binghamton is only 30%.

In the breakdown of small metro areas with the most roommates, California had 3 of the top 4 locations with East Stroudsburg, Pa (where I went to college and got my radio start) coming in 5th place in the country.

Go here to see the entire list.

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