My son, Devon graduated from Oswego University in 2020 and has had a difficult time finding a job in his field in the Binghamton area. He recently moved to the Buffalo area to try his luck there. It's too bad that he didn't try his hand in the skilled trade world.

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There is a new study that looks at the U.S. states with the most skilled trade workers. The emphasis on getting a four-year college degree and more retiring baby boomers have caused a national shortage of skilled trade laborers.

The good news is that if you're in that field, the wages in these occupations is on the rise. The average earnings in the US are over $47,000, which is around 20% higher than that of other workers.

However, in New York, there is a 6% growth in the skilled worker trade with a wage at nearly $55,000. That's great news for New York but what about in Binghamton? Over the past two years, our area has seen a growth of almost 7% in the employment of skilled trade workers.

I have good and bad news. The good news is that it's higher than the national average but (bad news) below the NYS average. The wage in the Southern Tier stands at $48,858 but with the lower cost of living here, it's still not bad overall.

If you're curious where the best places are to work in the skilled trade field in our country, you can go here. One of the places that are near the top of the list isn't that far from home and you can take the beautiful drive on I-88 to get there.

Speaking of skills and professionals, we have our Binghamton Virtual Health Expo going on now. See how they can help you here.

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