All my husband could do was roll his eyes and shrug his shoulders when he got home last night and found my "better prepare for weathermageddon power outages" list sitting on the dining room table.

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I like to think of myself as the motto for the United States Post Office - "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night" will stop me from being prepared for whatever the weather throws my way.

My family lives on a dirt road in the woods and before you go thinking that I'm too extreme in my preparedness, consider that where we live, someone can cough on a sunny day and the power will go out. So when there are high winds, we hunker down and prepare to be without power for lengths of time.

Traci Taylor
Traci Taylor

Also, because we live half an hour from town, it's not a quick trip to the store to grab something that we forgot and the trip is usually double or triple the length of time when the roads are bad. I'm not even going to bring up gas prices, but you know.

Do we have blankets over all our windows and doors right now? You bet! Have we checked the fuel in the generator? Absolutely. Flashlights and batteries? Yes. And let's not forget that the tub is filled with toilet water because...well, you know.

Meteorologists are saying that the temperatures today could be more brutally cold than what we've experienced in a very long time. Daytime temperatures are expected to hover around six degrees but with the wind, will feel much colder. Night-time temperatures tonight will be around one degree with crazy wind chills.

This is the kind of cold where parents reconsider sending their kids to the bus stop and if they should also stay home from work and keep buried under blankets all day. Cold weather is not unexpected in Binghamton, but this is just too cold.

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