Memorial Day weekend is almost here and it's your turn for the family to come to your house. With the nice weekend ahead, maybe you plan on doing some outdoor grilling. If you're like me, grilling isn't your strong suit but you have to do something.

Hamburgers are easy to make and you won't lose your outdoor grilling man card. Did you know that the way you like your hamburger reveals a lot about your personality? Now you do:

RARE: If you love rare burgers then you're "rarely idle." You enjoy days filled with action. Others like to spend time with you because life is never dull when you're around.

It's also good to have people around so that they can take you to the emergency room when the meat is a little too rare. My daughter, Riley, likes it so rare that a good veterinarian could save it.

MEDIUM: If you love medium burgers then you've found your "happy medium" and I'm not talking about a joyful physic. You're good at settling arguments because you're in the middle. Some may call you "wishy washy." I wouldn't but others might.

WELL-DONE: If you love well-done burgers then you do a lot of things WELL and keep at it until it's DONE. You are thorough and stand for what you believe. I wouldn't want to hang out with you because I'm more of a "close enough for me" kind of guy.

THE WORKS: If you love "the works" then you want it all. You're adventurous and not afraid to try new things. I think that you don't want anyone else to eat your burger so you put everything on it.

I know that "works" for me with my meatball sub. I put mayo and lettuce on one ever has tried to eat it, not even on a dare.

BURNT: If you love Burnt, it just means you fell asleep or forgot it was on the grill. No brilliant insight needed here.

Enjoy the unofficial beginning of Summer this weekend with temperatures in the mid 70's and a slight chance of rain. What does slight mean? It means that it'll rain about the time you plan on doing something outdoors and it won't if you're going to be inside.

By the way, why doesn't my grill have anything on it?

[via Delish]

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