It's hard to believe but Labor Day weekend is almost here and the weather looks awesome. We are talking sunshine with temperatures in the mid-70's every day. For many of us, it's the last weekend that we'll fire up the backyard grill, sit on the back deck and fill our plates and palates with burgers and hot dogs.

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Are you like me and eat like you're on a timer? It's easy to overeat (at least for me it is) and suffer the BBQ blowback blues with stomach aches and other pains that can make it uncomfortable for you and everyone around you.

So here are your free GP tips for a trouble-free tummy for your Labor Day weekend:

Don't pile everything onto your plate then gobble it down in one sitting. One thing that I've discovered recently is that I like seconds. It doesn't matter if the plate is the size of a saucer or platter, I want to make a return trip. What I've done is use a plate one size smaller than everyone else. That way I get seconds without taking all the BBQ chicken.

Don't eat so darn fast.  It's suggested that you chew your food slowly, ten times or so before swallowing. You'll feel full sooner and won't eat as much. I eat like I'm on a timer and in a race, which is good if I'm in the pancake eating contest during the New York Maple Festival in Marathon.  Sometimes I've eaten so fast that my back hurts when I'm done. Have you ever done that? C'mon, I can't be the only one.

Hamburger, macaroni salad, or cupcakes. Which should you eat first? I'm a dessert first guy, so the answer is obvious to me. I figure it this way: Whether I'm hungry or not, I'm still going to eat the cupcakes...I mean cupcake but I won't eat necessarily eat the third hamburger.

We are told to slowly eat the burger first while having a bite of salad along the way. It's suggested that we wait 15 minutes after the burger is gone then have some potatoes. Then wait 20 minutes to have dessert, that way everything has the proper time to digest.

Okay, I'm sticking with dessert first because it fits my narrative and I want to get back to the pool. There's my free advice and remember it may be worth what you paid for it. I hope your Labor Day weekend goes well and don't forget to pace yourself.

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