We've all heard the saying "WE WILL NEVER FORGET" and sometimes that's true but many times it's not. I said those words when one of my best friends from high school paid the ultimate price when he gave his life for us in Iraq.


I said it then and I still say it now. John was a giving person, in fact, he gave back his civilian life to rejoin the services. He left behind a wife and kids to do what he thought needed to be done.

He was deployed to Iraq and ended up giving up his life during Iraqi Freedom. He paid the ultimate price so that we can enjoy the life that we have today and God help me if I EVER forget what he and so many others have done for us.

I have a scar behind my ear that reminds me of him...He wasn't directly responsible for it but I would be more than happy to tell the story if you would like to know. I was a part of his wedding to Teresa and sadly, part of his memorial. I was honored to do both but I would have been fine if the latter happened much much later.

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When I start to get depressed over my first-world problems, I need to remind myself that sometimes it's about something bigger. John knew that and did something about it. He was a better man than me.

Honoring The Fallen Over The Memorial Day Weekend

If you knew John, then your world was better for it. A man that was a loving husband and dad and did what he felt he needed to do. Memorial Day is a day that we should take some time and give thanks to the people who fought for the things we have.

I meant it when I said it and won't stop now. I WILL NOT FORGET YOU JOHN PRIESTNER!  Who will you honor the Memorial Day Weekend?

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