Don't get me wrong, I love a good fried chicken sandwich. The crispier, the better. But I don't understand the current obsession. Is that the best way to describe it?

In my hometown of Painted Post, the area, which includes Corning, has not had a KFC  for what I believe has been decades. Well, one was recently built and opened earlier this month (May 2022) in a former bank building that has an interesting shape. One part of the building is round, so KFC took advantage of that design and built what they describe as the 'Crystal Bucket' since the city of Corning is referred to as the Crystal City - the Glass Capital of the World.

According to WENY-TV in Elmira, the restaurant kept the vault that houses the secret KFC original recipe of 11 herbs and spices blend. And the response has been insane. So much that traffic patterns have been altered to help alleviate traffic tie-ups. That's all for chicken. I am impressed with how they turned this former bank into a restaurant.

KFC Painted Post

Locally we have a love for a good chicken sandwich as well. As you know, there's been a lot of chatter on social media about the desire to bring a Chick-fil-A to the Binghamton area, and we've been talking about it as well. When Popeyes brought in a franchise to the westside of Binghamton, it was tough to get into the drive-thru line for a long time. I can only imagine how crazy it will be if a Chick-fil-A lands in our area.

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I have tasted and enjoyed chicken sandwiches from all the big fast-food restaurants.  McDonald's, Wendys, Burger King, Sonic, Popeyes, Arby's, and KFC. They all are good, some crispier than the others, and there is one that I prefer over the others, but I don't want to play favorites here.

I had never been to a Chik-fil-A, that is until now. On a recent trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania, I took a short detour to one of the restaurants in Dickson City. I have to admit, I was impressed at how large the building was, the cleanliness, the friendly staff, and how quickly my food was delivered.


I was excited to try a chicken sandwich that so many people have described as the best I will ever taste. But apparently, being my first trip, I didn't know all the options or that I could be ordering the wrong thing. I ordered a deluxe which does not have pickles unless you specify, and I didn't know about the preferred sauce, ordering just mayo.

Well, pardon me. Next time I will order just the chicken sandwich with the required pickles and Chick-fil-A sauce. And I'll probably never live down my chicken sandwich mistake, much like the time, as a newcomer to the Triple Cities, I spelled Binghamton with a 'P.'


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