Over 16,000 people have recently taken to Change.org to voice their opinions and petition for the restoration of the original names of two prominent streets in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The petition calls for Biden Expressway and Joe Biden Way to be changed back to their original names, Central Scranton Expressway and Spruce Street, respectively.

The petitioner, Eric Skurka, a Scranton resident, argues that the recent renaming of these streets "is not just a change in nomenclature; it undermines the identity of our community."

According to Skurka and other supporters, Scranton is more than just a hometown for politicians—it is a place where hardworking individuals build their lives, families grow, and communities thrive. They take pride in their roots and do not want them overshadowed by political affiliations.

Skurka emphasizes that the decision to rename these streets was made without considering the sentiments of the thousands who call Scranton home. While they respect all public figures associated with the town, they believe that significant changes like this should reflect the will of the residents.

Skura says the petition aims to represent those whose voices were not heard during the decision-making process and urges local authorities to revert to the original names due to their historical significance and their resonance with the citizens of Scranton.

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The sentiment expressed by petition signer Norman Bauer reflects the belief that the renaming should have been up to the residents rather than politicians. Although President Biden was born in Scranton, he moved away during his childhood. Some residents feel that this change should have been a decision proposed and supported by the citizens themselves.

Julia VanSteenburg concurs, stating that the old names were much better and calls for politics to be kept out of such decisions. This sentiment resonates with GeniusGaming YT, who may not live in Scranton but finds the situation unjust. They believe that decisions like these should be driven by the citizens' input, rather than being imposed from outside.

Another voice added to the petition was that of Robert R Doan, who suggests that signs should honor veterans rather than politicians.

As the petition continues to gather support, it remains to be seen if and how local authorities will respond.

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