In an unusual turn of events, the Broome County Sheriff's Office found themselves in quite a flap this morning when they discovered a rogue chicken running amok in their parking lot. The courageous deputies wasted no time springing into action to solve this poultry predicament.

At approximately 9:45 am, the Broome County Sheriff's Office team dove headfirst into an interesting morning investigation: tracking down the chicken's rightful owners. With feathers flying, they quickly set up a makeshift chicken coop (read: cardboard box - probably - the sheriffs didn't say) to safely corral the adventurous avian.

If you or anyone you know is missing a feathered friend, the Broome County Sheriff's Office kindly requests that you reach out to their Front Desk at 607-778-1192. You'll likely need to provide an accurate description and some personal anecdotes (nothing juicy, just clucky tales) to verify the chicken's true identity.

If the rightful owner is not found, fear not, for this prodigal poultry will have a warm welcome in the chicken coop of none other than Sgt. Snyder. With a foolproof plan in place, the Broome County Sheriff's Office is committed to ensuring that this chicken finds its way back home, whether that's in a loving family's backyard or the Sergeant's cozy coup.

While some may question the gravity of this situation, let's not underestimate the importance of reuniting a chicken with its rightful flock. It's a win for feathers, a win for flapping wings, and a win for the Broome County Sheriff's Office's dedication to protecting and serving all creatures, great and small.

So, if you're missing a chicken or happen to know someone who's been crying fowl, make sure to contact the Broome County Sheriff's Office!

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