It's that time of year...Back to school time. We know that some schools started up before the Labor Day weekend but most of the schools are heading back today and tomorrow. Like everything else, it's 2020 so things will be different.

One of the biggest concerns is child safety when it comes to getting on and off the bus. That's why the Broome County Sheriff's Department wants to help so that everyone can arrive and go home safely.

If you don't have to get a child off to school, then they suggest that you give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic is going to get heavier and we all want our school kids to make it to school safely.

As I mentioned before, everything has changed because of COVID-19 and this is no different. Many school bus routes aren't' going to be going the same way every day, so please be patient and considerate. That's actually a good idea for life, not just for school travel.

If you're asking, what is the law? The Broome County Sheriff's Department wants to help with the following:

Two Lane: Vehicles traveling in both directions MUST STOP!

Multi-Lane: Paved across vehicles traveling in both directions MUST STOP!

Divided Highway: With dirt, grass, or barrier median, vehicles behind MUST STOP! Vehicles traveling in the opposite direction MUST STOP!

The last one has been raising some questions and the Sheriff's Department is more than happy to answer your questions. They explain that many states are different but when it comes to the Divided Highway, it a New York law and many schools try to pick up in safer locations when possible.

If you have any inquiries about the Divided Highway law or any other vehicle/pedestrian traffic questions, go here. As the saying goes "Arrive Alive" and that is certainly true for you and the school children.

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