2020 has been tough in so many ways. Coronavirus pandemic, New York State restrictions, and small gatherings for the holidays, just to name a few. It has most of us feeling fearful but what kind of fear. Will you Forget Everything And Run or will you Face Everything and Rise? The choice is yours.

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I chose to face it and I want to face it well. So what does that mean? A wise man with a message (Will Hampton) has some great ideas that I can share, along with a little of my own input too.

Give an honest compliment and don't forget to thank someone that you appreciate. Let someone go past you in the grocery store and don't scold them if they are going the "wrong way" down the aisle.

Listen to them because you care and make the conversation about them. Has anyone ever asked about your weekend because they want to tell you about theirs? NO, then it's probably you that is doing it.

We want a happy life but if we live with a purpose, it'll make for a better life. There's a difference that makes a difference. So what are we DOING to make a difference? We don't have to change the world, just the part of the world that we live in. I try to do that at work but I need to do that better in life.

Don't take it seriously and don't overthink it. In the words of Nike, "Just Do It." Do something that's useful for them and you'll be surprised what it does for you.

Three Way to Fight Back Against Fear

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