Halloween is only a week and a half away and this may be the perfect addition to your decorations on the front of your house.

Even after a loss on Monday Night Football, the inflatable Buffalo Bills helmet jack-o’-lantern looks great and Proud on the front lawn.

Wegman’s is selling these and we were able to grab one before they were gone.

Bills Inflatable Jack-o-Lantern

We had a discussion about inflatable‘s and whether or not they are tacky on Clay and Company this week. I thank if they are not over bearing on the front lawn or larger than the house, they look great. Rob’s was saying he is not a fan of any inflatable on the front lawn whether it’s during Halloween or Christmas.

But when it comes to showing your pride for the Buffalo Bills, anything goes in my opinion. This even comes with a sweet light that keeps the helmet glowing like a full moon or some sort of majestic Buffalo Bills orb throughout the night. It would be a great way to welcome trick-or-treaters and show your pride for the hometown team.

I’m sure these will go quick so if you are seeing this this morning or this afternoon I would definitely hurry into a local store and try to pick them up. The Buffalo Bills will play a home game in Orchard Park at Highmark Stadium on Halloween day. I can’t wait to see the team back in front of a sell out crowd and see the creative costumes that will greet us!

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