July 4th falls on Saturday this year and the temperatures are going to be around 80 all weekend long. It's going to be warm and you don't want to be stuck in front of an air conditioner. Are you looking for different/unconventional/brilliant ways to keep cool this weekend? You've come to the right place for your free advice.

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Eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Yogurt has a higher water content than ice cream, so it'll help keep your body temperature down. It also helps that it sounds like your eating healthy when you say that you're eating yogurt.

Keep your lotion in the fridge. When you put it on, it will keep you cold for a while. The benefit that I like is that when I open the refrigerator, I get an extra burst of cool. Although if you do that too often, you won't save money.

Get the hot salsa out. Spicy foods can cool you down and they say it's because of high antioxidants and stimulating the production of feel-good endorphins. My theory is when you eat spicy foods, then you want to drink a margarita and then you just don't care.

Lick your wrists. What? Monkeys lick their wrists when they're hot and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. In truth, you are better off running your wrists under cold water but licking them is a great conversation starter or date ender.

Here are some other ways that you can try and keep cool without being stuck in front of the air conditioner this weekend...or any time.

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