Letting your children go Trick or Treating through the neighborhoods holding their little sister’s hand is not the safest way these days, the newest fad is called “Trunk or Treat”

I can remember going out for hours at a time with my little brother and my cousins roaming through the neighborhoods and probably going much farther across town then I should have gone, but they were different times.

Today, neighborhoods can contain gangs and shady people who prey on children, so most parents take their children to neighborhood friends’ houses and relatives.

One of the latest trends to hit the Halloween season is something called ‘Trunk or Treat”

‘Trunk or Treat” is an event help in one location like church or school parking lot or open area accessible to vehicles. Participants bring candy and place it in their trunk with the latch open and children walk from each parked car getting treats from each participant.

I believe participants register for the event to make it safe for children.

More and more communities are holding “Trunk or Treat” events and creating themes, costume contests, children’s entertainment and more.

It’s probably too late for you to organize an event for this Halloween, but check out a few ideas that you could use next year HERE

Some people think these events take some of the fun out of the Halloween experience, I think that is totally up to each family, and what they feel is a safe or semi-dangerous experience for their family.

I like the Trunk or Treat events, my Granddaughter went to one last Saturday and loved I, she played with some of her little friends and had a great time.

Be safe tonight and please watch out for little ones at intersections and neighborhoods.


Happy Halloween from all of us at 98.1 The Hawk.

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