Remember in December 2019, when we couldn't wait for 2020. One of the reasons was because all the major holidays were going to fall on a Friday or Saturday. July 4th fell on a Saturday and that meant your employee gave you Friday off for a three-day weekend. We still got the three-day weekend but we really had no place to go and no place to watch fireworks.

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Christmas falls on a Friday which means that we get three days to celebrate the big holiday. New Year's Day also falls on a Friday and most places close on Thursday, which means that we have four days to bring in 2021. I have a feeling that we'll use all four days to say bye-bye to 2020.

So what about Halloween? Halloween falls on Saturday and it's (nearly) perfect for 2020. It follows the COVID-19 guidelines, so there really is no reason to cancel it.

Here are other reasons to keep Halloween this year:

Most costumes already have masks.

Lots and lots of costumes have gloves.

Almost all the costumes are only worn once...except my Tigger suit.

Trick-or-Treating means no crowds staying in one place for long. This doesn't apply to Trunk-or Treating.

Halloween doesn't involve hugging anyone. Some of us have been wanting to embrace that for years.

Halloween will have an extra hour (daylight savings) and there will be a full moon. We think the universe owes us in 2020 and this is one way that they can pay it back.

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