My daughter, Tara, is hosting a French exchange student named Lucie at our house. She's going to be here for two weeks and is leaving on Thursday, October 24th. One of the things that my daughter was disappointed about is that Lucie will be gone before Halloween.

She was hoping that she could find Trunk-or-Treating in our area this weekend. More and more people are going to Trunk or Treat events because they feel it's safer and you can drive to one place and have a chance to get many treats.

Here's great news for everyone, there's a place just down the road from my house at Port Crane. It's happening this Saturday, October 19th, at the Port Crane Fire Hall from 3-5 p.m.

I know they are looking forward to it but here's the thing: The Port Crane Fire Company is looking for vehicles to participate and the are offering a prize for best in show. The weather looks great for Saturday with sunshine and temperatures in the lower 60's.

We've gone in the past and the people there have been great. Let's get in the spirit of Halloween and hope to see you there. Call Ruth at (607) 648-6364 to participate or go here for more information.


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