I'm sure that you've heard the saying, "I found it in the last place I looked." Of course, it was in the last place you looked because why would you keep looking after you found it.

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We've all been there at one time or another. We frantically look for something we can't seem to find and then it's right there...under our nose. We spend a whole lot of time searching for our lost things every month.

A survey by Shane Co. wanted to find out what states have the most scatterbrains and what states have the most successful sleuths. They asked over 2,000 participants and they asked different questions about their lost items and how much time they spent searching for them.

Here is what they found out about our Empire State. New York ranked 11th out of the 44 states studied in terms of losing items. On average, New York residents misplace about 6 things per month. This is a little higher than the national average of 5 lost items per month.

How Much Time Do We Spend a Year Looking For Our Lost Items

The search for lost items takes up a lot of time for New Yorkers, as we spend 72 hours a month trying to find our things. On the other hand, the average American spends just under 1.5 hours per month trying to track down something they lost.

When it comes to a yearly basis, New York residents spend over 93 hours looking for their misplaced treasures. The average American on the other hand only spends around 16 hours each year. That tells me that we don't give up easily and are persistent.

The things that seem to vanish most often in the United States are phones, keys, and remote controls. Here is something else to keep in mind. Americans have a tendency to stumble on their misplaced treasures in the most unexpected places like their couches, pockets of previously worn clothing, or wherever the item should have been in the first place.

As my mom always told me, "if you look with your eyes and not with your mouth, you have a better chance of finding it.

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