When we heard that Tim Tebow was coming to Binghamton, we were so excited and couldn't wait and the "Meet the Rumble Ponies" dinner sold out almost immediately. However attendance at NYSEG Stadium is down by almost 1,000 fans per game from last year.

I blame it on the awful weather we've had but with warmer temperatures and school coming to an end soon, I anticipate that attendance will rise.

Even if not as many people have been going to the games yet, he's still had a positive effect throughout the area. Recently he spoke at the First Baptist Church in Johnson City and I think this may be where he could make the biggest impact and I'm not talking about our community but for eternity.

We know that Tebow is single and a devout Christ follower, which means that he's always asked in interviews about both subjects. He has no news to pass along but once he's ready to settle down, he said that he wants to adopt.

In fact, he wants to adopt a kid from every continent. He would love to sit around the dinner table and see kids from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and right here in the USA. You'll be able to find out more about his life when his new book "This is the Day" comes out September 25th.

Tebow may be a Heisman award winner and a former NFL quarterback but he seems comfortable where he's at and where he wants to go. Tim, thanks for sharing your time and faith with all of us.


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