Growing up, parents - especially dads, can be very over protective of their daughters' boyfriends. So, what about celebrity parents? Are they more or less intimidating when meeting a child's date? Let's find out!

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three daughters, all between the ages of 13 and 18. If you didn't think Tim was amazing before this, think about dealing with that much estrogen - definitely not an easy task!

Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

As two celebrity parents, how do they handle when their daughters bring boys home to meet the country superstars? Tim claims he's actually not as scary as he'd like to be! On the Rachael Ray show, he joked, "No, I'm not too tough. I mean, I have a sledgehammer!"

Uh oh...

He continued to say, "I'm not too tough. I mean, I try and act like I am, but I just want them to be happy." Awww, Tim!

As for Faith? Tim claims she is "pretty sweet, actually... she's sweet to the guys." He continued to confess that the boyfriends usually like Faith more than they like Tim!

That's okay, Tim! We still like you!