How should you go about succeeding at a diet?


A good old guilt trip has always worked for me. Especially when you are trying to sneak some late night snacks.

You sneak into the kitchen late at night. You open the pantry. You suddenly become Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, trying to make as little noise as possible. You slowly chew the chips because for some reason they are louder at night. This situation repeats itself nightly.

Now you can prevent all of this by scaring the heck out of yourself with an alarm that sounds like a pig. It also happens to look like a little piggy as well.

The chip clips alarms will incessantly "oink" as soon as you open the bag of chips. This will alert everyone in your household, and completely embarrass you, thus making your diet that much more successful.

This ingenious guilt-tripping invention will run your $19.95 for a 3-pack and are battery powered.

Not only is this a great invention for someone who is embarking on a new diet, it is great for when your roommates start stealing your food.

I really hope they make some bigger clips for the fridge, specifically for the beer fridge.

You can purchase the 3-pack here.

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