Since the birth of our son, both my husband and I have packed on pounds. Not a disgustingly obscene amount, but enough that it starting to bother both of us, so we've decided to do something about it. My husband, who never eats salad, like ever, has started eating more salads and veggies and is turning away from his typical go-to of chicken fingers and fries.

Before our little guy was born, Jay was a super healthy eater, but afterward, he started craving fried and carb laden foods and I didn't understand why. Until now.

According to the Mirror, 72% of men gravitate toward comfort food as a way to fight back against stress in life. Much like women, it would appear that guys tend to eat for emotional reasons, and not so much because their bellies are empty. Eating comfort food to combat stress totally makes sense and since our lives have become substantially more stressful in the last year and a half, I can understand why Jay would reach for foods that bring him comfort.

What's more is that men and women really seem to share a lot of the same feelings when it comes to stress eating because the survey also found that 44% of men go to bed feeling guilty about something they ate that day, and 55% of men feel frustrated with themselves for chowing down on things like pizza, ice cream, and others.

Hey, guys! Welcome to what it feels like to be a woman...every single day.

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