You are probably noticing an influx of new coworkers in their 20's popping into your workplace. All that jargon that you are using, that you grew up on is most likely making you look really old. I'm guilty of still using the word "cool" which is apparently the same as "groovy" now. If you wanna keep your conversation up to standards, here's some tips:

1.  "Totally."
When you and I are talking and and I reply with "ha ha, Totally!" you sound old. Using it that way is a generation behind. No one says that now.

2.  "Sweet."
Remember the movie Dude, Where's My Car? The tattoo scene?   Here's the setup, You just got the brand new video game that everybody wants before anyone else. "You got Call of Duty 12? SWEET!" Nope. Nothing except sugar is sweet anymore sorry.

3.  "Cool."
Younger can use it in some conversations.  They might say that their laser lighted Fidget Spinner is "cool."  But they won't let it stand on its own too much anymore.  So if I tell you I'll give you a call when im done with work and you respond with "Cool."  That's not so cool anymore.

4.  "Bummer."
This is... wait for it... Totally 90's jargon when is the last time you heard someone say  "Dude, total bummer." they sounded awful right?

5.  "Awesome."
Use awesome for how it was intended.  If I went camping on the beach and it was "awesome," that's perfect.  Letting it stand alone, you might as well have said "rad."




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