No, the question mark road sign does not lead you to a magical place with pots of gold and cotton candy.

If growing up playing Grand Theft Auto taught me anything it's that driving towards the question mark on a map will lead you toward an awesome adventure. Sadly, that's not the case in real life while driving in Poughkeepsie.

You've got to admit there's something extremely mysterious about a street sign that's just a big fat question mark. I had to investigate what this sign means. I should warn you that the answer is kind of lame. These signs in particular are located on Rte 9 in Poughkeepsie near Dunkin' and the old Hardee's location but I have noticed them all throughout New York.

There's actually a pretty simple explanation behind these signs. Someone questioned these signs on the Q&A site, Socratic and the response indicated that these road signs with the question mark means there's an information center near by.

Yes, according to Google Maps there is an information center near that area.

If you've driven past these signs in the Hudson Valley and wanted to know what they were I hope the helped.



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