This is some fantastic news for the Southern Tier! The Pad Climbing company is opening up a new location in Binghamton.

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According to their website, the new location has been twenty years in the making! The Pad Climbing chain began on the West Coast but has expanded with its announcement of its newest location in Binghamton.

The CEO of The Pad Climbing, Kristin Horowitz, grew up visiting Binghamton because her entire family is from here and Binghamton has always held a special place in Horowitz's heart.

Horowitz suggested Binghamton as a potential site for a new gym to her business partner, and they agreed that it was a great idea. The Pad Climbing team did a tour of Binghamton and got a warm welcome from Horowitz's family, so they decided the time was right to take action and bring their business to town.

Although The Pad Climbing chain started on the West Coast, Kristin and her team believed Binghamton would fit perfectly with their target market. It has taken many years to find the ideal location, put together a vision, and understand the community but things are finally starting to happen.

The team was finally able to sign a Letter of Intent with a landlord and has found the perfect space (all 14,000 square feet of it) about two miles away from Binghamton University. However, The Pad Climbing team can't say exactly where until all of the permits come in.

What Is The Pad Climbing?

The Pad Climbing is known for its high-quality climbing experience and great services. The new gym will have 5,000 plus square feet of bouldering, 8,000 square feet of rope climbing (that's 40 plus feet tall), a designated training area with a moon board, a campus board, a full weight room, a kid's area, and a lounge area.

The Pad Climbing announced that the new gym will open sometime in the last half of 2024. Registered people will be notified of the grand opening date, promotions, and discounts that come with the opening. If you want to want more information when it becomes available, you can sign up here.

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