It has been almost 6 months since I have moved to Binghamton, and I absolutely love the area. The downtown has become a bustling place for new food and drinks. It also only a short drive to enjoy what nature has to offer. The people have been friendly and I have made some great friends pretty quickly.

Before our new digital guy Robert came to town, I was the newest kid on the block. Most of our staff happens to be from the are or have worked here most of their lives, Robert and I haven’t.

We decided it would be fun to try and guess the spelling of some of the neighboring towns. I am from Pennsylvania so I felt as though I had the upper hand, because PA has some interesting names in it. Robert is a New England guy and it seems all the towns and spellings up his way are straight forward.

Traci graciously put together a quiz for us and we had some fun recording this video.

The one thing I learned: if you think you are pronouncing something the right way, there is a 100% chance New Yorkers say it the opposite way. Enjoy!

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