The weekend rolls around once again and its time to watch some football or maybe take the kids to their soccer games. Things like snacks, equipment, gas for the van, entry fees seem like a meager thing at the time, but these costs add up. They add up in a big way! Marketwatch recently reported that Americans spend over $100 billion dollars on sports every single year.

We as Americans spend a lot of money on sports equipment every year, almost $33 billion! This includes cleats, helmets, bats, jerseys etc. I do enjoy some flashy shoes while playing sports. After all, if you look good, you feel good, and you play good.

Sports equipment can become very costly, but there is a way to save money! Tons of sports stores sell gently used or almost new sporting equipment at reasonable prices. It is definitely worth checking those out if you want to save some dough.

The biggest dollar amount goes towards attending events. Americans spend about $56 billions dollars a year on tickets, transportation, and beverages. This also includes that delicious stadium food. I love stadium and event center food. For some reason, and to our benefit, chefs at these stadiums love to pile on amazing ingredients on top of already scrumptious foods.

If you head down to NYSEG stadium to catch a Binghamton Rumble Ponies game you can find one of these stadium experiments. They took a bacon cheeseburger (an already delicious meal) and put a grilled bratwurst on top! Incredible. I can now see why we spend so much on the sports experiences.

Ironically, we do also spend $19 billion a year on gym memberships. I am definitely going to need to hit the treadmill after all those crazy food concoctions.

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