We all have those certain sounds that cause us to react in weird or obscure ways.

I'm not talking about someone honking a horn, a baby crying, or the voice of your significant other. I'm talking those little sounds that make our blood run cold, and maybe like me cause a dry heaving effect.

I did a quick poll around the office and it seems like everyone has little noises that they hate!

In a meeting earlier today we discussed how apparently after a nice shower, some of the oils in your skin are washed away. It was said in the meeting that grabbing cotton, like a towel or such, with your hands will make a slight sound. Just thinking about that little sound and how it feels made me rise out of my chair in anxiety.

Another sound that apparently gets peoples blood boiling is the sound of silverware on a plate. The rubbing and clicking of the silverware hitting the porcelain or clay gives people the "heebie jeebies."

The high pitch squeak you can sometimes hear when your brakes on your car are moist, or when they are almost ready to be changed, is one of the most blood curdling sounds out there.

When thinking about present this topic on-air, I thought it would be hilarious. All it did was make me sweat and cringe while I was behind the microphone!



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