Did you know that almost 1 in 5 New York couples (18%) have a formal prenup in place? Too be honest with you, I would have that number would be higher.

TurboDebt decided to do a survey, so they talked to 3,000 married couples to find out how many of them had a prenup. We know that 18% of New York couples have a prenup and it turns out that the Empire State is ahead of the game.

Josh Stomel, Co-founder of TurboDebt said "Our survey highlights the recognition of prenups as a valuable tool for financial planning and conflict avoidance in marriages."

The survey also showed state-by-state gossip. Massachusetts took the title for the most prenup-prone couples, while Missouri was the least likely to have one. Looks like those two states have its own love and money story going!

Wonder why couples are choosing prenups? Well, 45% said they wanted to dodge the potential divorce drama, while 35% wanted to protect their own personal savings. Another 19% wanted to put the financial rules down on paper.

Percentage of Couples That Wish They Had Got a Prenup

Now we know the percentage of couples that got a prenup but what percentage of married couples wish they had one. 42% of married couples who didn’t have a prenup wish they had gotten one! It sounds like a lot of hindsight to me.

TurboDebt also checked in with single and unmarried couples, and it looks like they are on the fence about the whole prenup thing. If their future partner proposed a prenup, nearly half (47%) said they would accept it but they would want to negotiate it.

On the other hand, 29% would sign without a second thought, believing that love conquers all...Good luck with that. Whether you’re pro-prenup or still not sure, the conversation around financial planning and protection should be have.

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