Halloween is Thursday and the weather is looking pretty good. It'll be warm but wet with temperatures around 60.

It looks good for trick-or-treating and for the getting of candy. Not for myself but for my kids, remember, it's all for the children.

We love Reese Cups, Kit Kats and even Special Dark (my personal favorite).  But what about the Grossest?

The scientists (that's what I like to call them) from Amazon have come up with the candy that will get you TPed or your windows soaped.

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Bag of Sour Boogers Halloween Candy: It's the next best thing to the real thing.

Larvets - Cheddar Cheese: This is one way to make sure that no one takes any candy out of your Halloween bucket.

Coal Candy Canes: For the Halloween trick or treater that hasn't been good this year.

Halloween Assorted Gruesome Gummy Body Parts Candy: When just one body part isn't enough.

Halloween Lolli-Poops Lollipop Candy: It'll taste as good coming up and it was going down.

So give me Snickers, Milky Way and especially your Special Dark bars and you won't get your house tricked and we'll have a happy Halloween.

[via Amazon]

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