We are a week away from Halloween and I took a peek inside of my daughter, Tara's candy drawer in the kitchen. I couldn't believe how much candy she still had stuffed in there. I'm glad that I didn't realize it before or I might have felt the need to help her get rid of some of her candy. The picture above is just a sample of their Halloween loot.

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So what should I do? Fortunately, Woman's Day has come up with some ways to deal with all the goodies that will be brought home on Sunday, October 31th. I'm calling it the tricks to deal with the treats.

Tricks To Deal With The Halloween Treats

Don't get a head start: Wait until Saturday rolls around before getting the treats. The longer that the candy meant for the trick-or-treaters is around the house, the greater the chance of the kids eating it. Who am I kidding? The better the chance that I will eat it.

Have a sweet strategy. When the treats arrive at your house, go through them with your kids. Get rid of any homemade treats from places that you aren't familiar with. Then decide on how many pieces of candy are a good number to have every day.

Over and out. Decide on when the best time to get rid of any remaining candy is. This will help your kids to decide what treats they really want to have. As I discovered with my daughter, the novelty of having so much candy wears off by Christmas, so they probably won't miss it anyway.

They also suggest that you hand out healthy treats or give out stickers, rings, or toys. When I was young if you handed that out as a Halloween treat, there was an EXCELLENT chance that we would treat you with our own Halloween gift...TP in the Tree.

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