December 27 was the day. I had to chuckle because December 27 is the day that my neighbor put up her Valentine’s Day decorations. Christmas wasn’t even cold, but she was done and ready to move on to the next holiday.

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Curious how her Christmas had gone, I decided to ask her why she moved on to the next holiday so quickly. She explained that her birthday is on December 26 and she’s not a fan of having a birthday so close to Christmas so the day after is when she takes the holiday down and puts up decorations for the next.

I can understand. I have a brother who was born on Christmas and I know that as a child, he often felt slighted when it came to his birthday celebration. On the other hand, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day and when I saw the decorations, I sighed with the realization that there’s no stopping time and that I’m about to grow another year older.

Maybe you love Valentine’s Day. Or, maybe you’re spending more time at home and want to bring some happy life into your space now that you’ve taken down your Christmas decorations. Whatever the reason, here are some Valentine’s Decorations that would look great in your home!

Gnomes are super popular this year and it's easy to see why. How adorable are these little creatures?!?

Paper heart garlands are cute, but they rip easily. These felt hearts are more sturdy and will look great hanging on a wall or in your hallway between rooms. 

Add a pop of color to your couch with these lovely throw pillows (these are just the covers, pillows are not included).

These place mats will bring a smile to your face whenever you sit down to eat. 

Hang this pretty heart wreath on your wall or on your front door. 

Using these while drying dishes won't make you love the chore, but you'll smile when you look at what you're drying your dishes with. 

This banner says it all. Hang it above your bed, on a wall, or from your mantle. 

Visitors (or the delivery person) will feel the love when they set foot on this doormat. 

Pop this on top of a shelf, cabinet, or counter.

Don't have a lot of space for extra decorations? Swap out the hand towels in your bathroom with one or two of these. 

These would make a for a fun date night activity or craft to do with the kids and then hang up around the house. 

If you REALLY want to go big, it doesn't get much bigger than this. 

This would look adorable sitting on a windowsill. 

Remember those cute place mats we told you about a couple items up? This would go great with them.

Liven up your front door with these door banners.

Put these in a glass jar, frame a mirror...the possibilities are endless.

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