On Saturday, March 6th, we will celebrate the birth of the Oreo cookie and 109 years later, it's more popular than ever. March 6th, 1912, two chocolate-flavored wafers with a yummy-tasting  white creme filling became one and the rest is history...and what a history it is.

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Here's a question: How well do you really know your Oreo cookie? I'll start with this one. What do you call someone who dips an Oreo into skim milk? We'll circle back to that one.

Little-known Oreo cookie facts

The Titanic sank and the South Pole was discovered, the same year that we were introduced to the Oreo cookie. Side note: My grandmother, Magaret Brainard Pitcher was 1.

Twist, Lick and Dunk ritual: How do you eat your Oreo cookie? I like to dunk it whole into a frozen mug of milk. Bonus: When I'm done, I can stir the milk and enjoy an Oreo-flavored drink.

Oreo Cookie Fast Facts

Women twist them open more often than men.That's because they are more twisted. Sorry, that's FAKE NEWS!

Oreo cookies never go bad. Well they might, they just never last that long at my place.

Okay, the answer to the question: What do you call someone who dips an Oreo into skim milk? Skinny Dipper. A hypocrite is also an acceptable answer.

Celebrating the birthday of the Oreo cookie

When someone (or something) celebrates a birthday, we like to sing to them. Here's a chance to Sing It with Oreo. Turn your voice into a musical message of kindness, sing from the heart and make someones day better. For me, I make it better when I stop singing.

If you want to enjoy some Oreo cookies without leaving your home. Here are some Oreos that you can get right now.

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