If you're planning on catching a game on the tube this weekend, you are not alone.  It's in our American blood just like mom and apple pie.  In the US alone, it's been reported that "three quarters of all adults are big sports fans, to the point of watching an average of 8 hours a week watching it on TV."

WaletHub reports that "the North American sports industry takes in upwards of $60 billion from ticket and merchandise sales, media rights and sponsorship fees."  $60 billion is crazy money.

When I was attending college in Western New York, I made it to a couple of Buffalo Bills games and quite a few Sabers games.  It's safe to assume that Buffalo sports fans are as passionate about their teams as any other team is the universe.  Crazy fans are fun to be around with sometimes.  And those "passionate" Buffalo made the list at number 4.

To determine the cities where the game is always on regardless of season, WalletHub compared 423 small to large cities across more than 50 key metrics. The data set ranges from “performance level of the city’s team(s)” to “average ticket price per game.”

Best Large Sports Cities Best Midsize Sports CitiesBest Small Sports Cities
1New York, NY1Green Bay, WI1Clemson, SC
2Boston, MA2Cincinnati, OH2East Lansing, MI
3Pittsburgh, PA3Orlando, FL3Tuscaloosa, AL
4Los Angeles, CA4Buffalo, NY4Chapel Hill, NC
5Chicago, IL5Baton Rouge, LA5State College, PA
6Philadelphia, PA6Durham, NC6Conway, SC
7Washington, DC7Charleston, SC7Princeton, NJ
8Detroit, MI8Eugene, OR8Williamsburg, VA
9St. Louis, MO9Dayton, OH9Hanover, NH
10Denver, CO10Salt Lake City, UT10DeKalb, IL

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