In 2024 Foot Locker will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary but by 2026, the chain store plans to close 400 stores in North America because it will be rebranding.

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Apparently, Foot Locker wants to focus more on their standalone stores while phasing out the under performing ones in malls.

According to the company's CEO, Mary Dillon, they're getting ready to grow by streamlining their operations and investing in their core stores. They even have this cool plan called "Lace Up" that's all about sneakers and sneaker loving people.

What’s interesting is that while they're closing a bunch of stores, they're also planning to open 280 new ones that will focus on things like the community and house of play ideas. They say they want to have a stronger presence and connect with their customers on a more personal level.

Foot Locker says they want to reduce their overall "real estate footprint" by about 10% which would leave them with around 2,400 stores.

Nearest Foot Locker in The Southern Tier

The nearest Foot Locker in the Southern Tier is at the Oakdale Commons in Johnson City and because we know that Foot Locker is planning to close many of their mall stores, we wonder whether or not our local Foot Locker will be closing.

We looked for a list of the 400 stores that Foot Locker plans to close and couldn't find one so maybe the Oakdale Commons store will stay open now that the old Oakdale Mall is being transformed and new businesses and restaurants are going into the Commons.

I love their uniforms and I hope that our local Foot Locker stays open!

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