Get ready, New York! The pickleball fever is sweeping the nation, and you're right in the middle of it! It seems wherever you turn, pickleball is being played.

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A fancy study just came out claiming that New York is an awesome place for all you pickleball fanatics. I mean, who would've thought? We're ranked as the tenth best state in the whole U.S. for pickleball lovers!

In case you haven't heard, pickleball is like the ultimate mashup of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. People all over the country are going wild for this sport, and New York is no exception.

Best States For Pickleball

So, this study dug into all the nitty-gritty details to find out which states are totally into pickleball. They looked at things including: how many places we have to play, the types of facilities (clubs, schools, the works), and, of course, the number of courts. And guess what? New York totally rocked it in all these categories (and it'll continues to grow), making us one of the hottest pickleball destinations in the nation!

The West and South might dominate the pickleball scene, but we're giving them a run for their money. The Empire State is making some serious noise when it comes to the popularity of this cool sport.

This game is addicting and people of all ages and skill levels just can't get enough. So it's no surprise to me that more folks are flocking to the pickleball courts, to experience the thrill for themselves. And lucky for us, New York is the place to be for all your pickleball dreams.

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