phone scam

Phone Scam Targets Grandparents
Beware of a new phone scam that is circulating and targeting grandparents saying that their grandchild is in trouble. This scam is pretty elaborate too, stay alert.
Gift Card Scam Hits Vestal Best Buy
You get a phone call that places you into an immediate panic.  It's the IRS, or maybe it's an "attorney for a family member" or your online girlfriend/boyfriend, and they need your help. All of which can be easily taken care of by dropping some mo…
"Can You Hear Me?" Phone Scam
Here's how to give scammers permission to use your stolen credit card number in one easy step!
There's a new phone scam going around where the first thing the person asks is, "Can you hear me?"  Instinctly. your response will be "Yes" and t…