An elderly couple living in upstate New York found themselves out $24,000 when a scammer claiming to be their grandson called from jail looking for bail money.

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According to a report by David Luces for The Star, three men scammed an elderly couple from upstate New York by posing as their grandson asking for bail money. Apparently, the grandparents received a call from who they believed to be their grandson from jail, claiming he had been in an accident and he needed money for bail.

Upstate New York Scam


The grandparents agreed to pay the money, and another one of the scammers drove to their house to pick up $9,500 from the couple. The scammers called two more times posing as the grandson looking for more money from the couple.

In total, the upstate New York couple found themselves out $24,000.

When the scammers called a fourth time, law enforcement officers took over the call and arrested three men. 23-year-old Joel Mathilda of the Bronx, 28-year-old Fermin Vazquez of New Jersey, and 23-year-old Davide Invidia Arias of Florida. They were found with over $25,000 cash in a Syracuse Airbnb and law enforcement officers believe it's possible that there may have been more victims.

All three were charged with grand larceny in the third degree and conspiracy in the fifth degree.

This is a good reminder to always be mindful of potential scams. Some scams, like when you get a call once a day about "your car's extended warranty," are easy to detect and thus easier to avoid. But some scams like this one are a lot more aggressive, and can play on your emotions in order to fool you into falling into the trap. Whenever you get a call asking for money, especially thousands of dollars worth of money, you should always be a bit skeptical.

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