It seems that every week there is a new phone scam popping up. These scammers try to get personal information from you by putting you through a barrage of questions.

But a new scam has taken a disturbing twist: using your own phone number against you.

The latest scam uses your own cell phone number to call you. Experts say do not pick up and answer a call from what appears to be your personal number.

The person or scammer on the other end will say they are from your phone company and your number has been compromised. They will then ask for personal information eventually trying to obtain your social security number. Experts say do not give up any information.

The Better Business Bureau is warning that this is one of the most dangerous phone scams they are encountering right now.

These scams are becoming extremely popular. “Number spoofing” accounted for nearly half of scamming incidents reported to the Department of Consumer Affairs last year.

We are being warned to never pick up or answer a phone call coming from your own personal number.

If you do receive one of these "number spoofing" calls you are urged to file an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. Complaints can be filed here.

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