It truly feels like a new scam is making its way into Central New York every week. Between all of the Facebook scams and phone scams, we can't win. The latest one to hit the area targets you through a message on social media, email, or even a postcard in the mail.

The Better Business Bureau is warning about the newest scam, as it puts your credit information at risk. According to News 10 out of Albany, you will get reached out to via postcard, email, or message on social media saying they have an unclaimed reward at a major retailer like Target or Walmart. It says you need to provide a phone number in order to claim the "reward." It looks very legitimate

Once victims provide their phone number, they may receive a phone call from the scammers, in which they ask the victim to confirm their identity and provide credit card information to pay for mailing costs. At that point, the scammers then try to use the stolen credit card.

Here's just a word of caution from me to you: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Any time you put your personal information out there, you're at risk. Use your head and please NEVER give your information to anyone that you don't know, or trust.

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