Did you know that you can get your teeth cleaned at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE and give an aspiring dental hygiene student a chance to further their education? A few years ago, I participated in the SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Clinic program and it was one of the best things that I could have been involved in.

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My student dental hygienist was Tonya and I was able to help her with her license exam. She said I was a perfect candidate, I'm not sure what she meant but I took that as a compliment. I was happy to help Tonya with her next step in her career while getting my teeth cleaned and my mouth x-rayed.

While I was there, I also found out that the SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene students are always looking for patients. They are looking for children from 6 to11, teenagers 12 to 17, adults 18-59, and seniors 60 plus.

If you're over the age of 6 they are interested in you. They also are looking for adult patients that need a full mouth series of x-rays and children/adolescents patients that need dental sealants.

Prices are $20 for 17 & under and Seniors 60 & over, everyone else is only $30. Free for SUNY Broome students and free with Medicaid. It's a small price to pay and you'll be helping our hygienists of tomorrow.

If this sounds like something that your interested in, call the SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Clinic at (607) 778-5015 to schedule an appointment.

They are located in the Decker Building, Room 101 on the SUNY Broome campus, go here to find out more about the Dental Hygiene Clinic. Quality dental hygiene care at a great price while helping dental hygiene students. It's a win-win.

I didn't regret it and I know that you won't either.

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